Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wobbly bits

I used to love my granny's skin.  She was the softest person I've ever met.  And she had very wobbly arms that I loved to play with.  I don't have the same warm feeling when I see my arms move that way!

In fact, I have noticed that I have grown quite jelly-like over this winter.  It was those damned doughnuts at the coffee counter outside Woolworths!  I am tempted (in the spirit of this blog) to take some pictures of me in my knickers and show you what I look like at the moment.  I think most of you would either gasp or shriek!  But I think my son would simply fall to pieces if he knew that people could see me with skant clothing on on the internet.  So we'll keep the picture for when I look a little less flacid! 

So how do I deal with this post-winter-stress-disorder.

I've joined the gym. 

I currently weigh in at a chunky 78kgs, which 9kgs heavier than this time last year (which was when I had the kidney stone and did the fast).  I'm not big on scales.  I developed an allergy to them when I was in my teens, and my peers were comparing notes in kilograms.  The numerous diets and weight loss programs that I was encouraged/forced to engage with really spiked my reaction to them, so they have been avoided where ever possible.

But I cannot dispute that they are a good gauge for someone like me who enjoys the ostrich approach to the creeping weight syndrome.  I generally ingore all the symptoms, the following indicators being the most telling.  We have "the pants must be loosened after dinner","the bra strap stopping blood flow to the arms", and my all time favourite "the belt has shrunk!"

So gym it is.  I'll track and share my progress.

I have decided to view my extra padding as more of a fun project than a teeth gnashing excercise this time. 

I now imagine this body without a shock wave reaction when I move!

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